Election Night 2008

"You Can Vote However You Like"

September 9, 2008, 10:18 PM

Nov. 4, 2008— -- After all the policy speeches, debates, town hall meetings, rallies, polls, conference calls, bus tours, commercials, web videos, more conference calls, Saturday Night Live sketches, press releases, In Case You Missed Its, and more conference calls, the day has finally arrived.

An election night that has been nearly two years in the making – decades maybe if you go back to the point where both candidates first pondered this moment – and finally the voters have their say.

Below is a handy guide to the evening – poll closing times, Electoral College votes by state, and key congressional and gubernatorial races.

Election 2008 by the numbers:

Money Raised -- Primaries & General Election:

Obama $659.1 million

McCain $233.6 million (McCain accepted public financing)

Money spent -- Primaries & General Election:

Obama $593.1 million

McCain $273.5 million

Number of TV ad airings during the general, from the Campaign Media Analysis Group:

Obama 370,000

McCain 250,000

Events in Battleground States:

Obama: 230

Biden: 107

McCain: 252

Palin: 150

ABC News kicks off Election Night coverage at 6:30pm ET from the Crossroads of the World, Times Square, with a special edition of "World News with Charles Gibson" and continues with election coverage from 7pm ET until at least 2am ET.

On election night, ABC News will transform Times Square into an outdoor global viewing event, with thousands of people watching ABC News coverage of real time election results on three iconic jumbo screens.

ABC NewsNow's coverage tonight will be hosted by Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein and live-streaming on ABCNews.com. Klein, ever the multi-tasker, will be live-blogging while on the air.

Everything else you need for Election Night is right on ABCNews.com: Want more information on the key battleground states? ABCNews' political unit has analyzed the polling data, information and reported from across all 50 states for the last 50 consecutive days. Check out our "50 States in 50 Days" map and dig down into each state to learn more.

A map of presidential results state-by-state and Senate, House and Gubernatorial races.

Want to play pundit? Check out the ABC News.com Electoral College Calculator where you can determine the national landscape and give states to Obama or McCain.

With so much talk about exit polls, find out who voted and why in a sate by state and nationwide breakdown of voting demographics and full exit polls.

Hear from everyday voters about their experiences at the polls today and read about the Ballotwatch team's reporting on these problems with the new Ballotwatch blog here.

7:00 PM ET 58 Electoral votes

PRES Obama McCain

Georgia (15)

SEN Jim Martin- Saxby Chambliss

GA-8 HOUSE Jim Marshall- Rick Goddard

Virginia (13)

SEN Mark Warner- Jim Gilmore

VA-2 HOUSE Glenn Nye- Thelma Drake

VA-5 HOUSE Tom Perriello- Virgil Goode

Indiana (11)

GOV Jill Long Thompson- Mitch Daniels

IN-3 HOUSE Michael Montagano-Mark Souder

Kentucky (8)

SEN Bruce Lunsford- Mitch McConnell

KY-2 HOUSE David Boswell- Brett Guthrie

South Carolina(8)

SEN Bob Conley- Lindsey Graham

Vermont (3)

GOV Gaye Symington- Jim Douglass

7:30 PM ET 40 Electoral Votes

Ohio (20)

OH-1 HOUSE Steve Driehaus- Steve Chabot

OH-15 HOUSE Mary Jo Kilroy- Steve Stivers

OH-16 HOUSE John Boccieri- Kirk Schuring

North Carolina (15)

SEN Kay Hagan- Elizabeth Dole

GOV Bev Perdue- Pat McCrory

NC-8 HOUSE Larry Kissell- Robin Hayes

West Virginia (5)

SEN Jay Rockefeller- Jay Wolfe

GOV Joe Manchin- Russ Weeks

8:00 PM ET 171 Electoral Votes

Florida (27)

FL-21 HOUSE Raul Martinez- Lincoln Diaz-Balart

FL-24 HOUSE Suzanne Kosmas- Tom Feeney

Illinois (21)

SEN Richard Durbin- Steve Sauerberg

IL-10 HOUSE Dan Seals - Mark Kirk

IL-11 HOUSE Debbie Halvorson- Martin Ozinga

Pennsylvania (21)

PA-3 HOUSE Kathy Dahlkemper- Phil English

PA-10 HOUSE Chris Carney- Chris Hackett

PA-11 HOUSE Paul Kanjorski- Lou Barletta

New Jersey (15)

SEN Frank Lautenberg- Dick Zimmer

NJ-3 HOUSE John Adler- Christopher Myers

NJ-7 HOUSE Linda Stender- Leonard Lance

Massachusetts (12)

SEN John Kerry- Jeff Beatty

Missouri (11)

GOV Jay Nixon- Kenny Hulshof

MO-6 HOUSE Kay Barnes- Sam Graves

MO-9 HOUSE Judy Baker- Blaine Luetkemeyer

Tennessee (11)

SEN Bob Tuke- Lamar Alexander

Maryland (10)

MD-1 HOUSE Frank Kratovil- Andrew Harris

Alabama (9)

SEN Vivian Figures- Jeff Sessions

AL-5 HOUSE Parker Griffith- Wayne Parker

AL-2 HOUSE Bobby Bright- Jay Love

Connecticut (7)

CT-4 HOUSE Jim Himes- Christopher Shays

Oklahoma (7)

SEN Andrew Rice- James Inhofe

Mississippi (6)

SEN Erik Fleming- Thad Cochran

SEN Ronnie Musgrove- Roger Wicker

MS-1 HOUSE Travis Childers- Greg Davis

Maine (4)

SEN Tom Allen - Susan Collins

New Hampshire (4)

SEN Shaheen- John Sununu

GOV John Lynch- Joe Kenney

NH-1 HOUSE Carol Shea-Porter- Jeb Bradley

Delaware (3)

SEN Joe Biden- Christine O'Donnell

GOV Jack Markell- William Swain Lee

D.C. (3)

PRES Obama- McCain

8:30 PM ET 6 Electoral Votes

Arkansas (6)

SEN Mark Pryor

9:00 PM ET 159 Electoral Votes

Texas (34)

SEN Rick Noriega- John Cornyn

TX-22 HOUSE Nick Lampson- Pete Olson

New York (31)

NY-13 HOUSE Mike McMahon- Robert Straniere

NY-20 HOUSE Kirsten Gillibrand- Sandy Treadwell

NY-26 HOUSE Alice Kryzan- Christopher Lee

NY-29 HOUSE Eric Massa- Randy Kuhl

Michigan (17)

SEN Carl Levin- Jack Hoogendyk

MI-7 HOUSE Mark Shauer- Tim Walberg

MI-9 HOUSE Gary Peters- Joe Knollenberg

Arizona (10)

PRES Obama- McCain

Minnesota (10)

SEN Al Franken- Norm Coleman

MN-3 HOUSE Ashwin Madia- Erik Paulsen

MN-6 HOUSE Elwyn Tinklenberg- Michele Bachmann

Wisconsin (10)

WI-8 HOUSE Steve Kagen- John Gard

Colorado (9)

SEN Mark Udall- Bob Schaffer

CO-4 HOUSE Betsy Markey- Marilyn Musgrave

Louisiana (9)

SEN Mary Landrieu- John Kennedy

LA-6 HOUSE Don Cazayoux- Bill Cassidy

Kansas (6)

SEN Jim Slattery- Pat Roberts

KS-2 HOUSE Nancy Boyda- Lynn Jenkins

Nebraska (5)

SEN Scott Kleeb- Mike Johanns

NE-2 HOUSE Jim Esch- Lee Terry

New Mexico (5)

SEN Tom Udall- Steve Pearce

NM-1 HOUSE Marty Heinrich- Darren White

NM-2 HOUSE Harry Teague- Ed Tinsley

Rhode Island (4)

SEN Jack Reed- Bob Tingle

North Dakota (3)

GOV Tim Mathern- John Hoeven

South Dakota (3)

SEN Tim Johnson- Joel Dykstra

Wyoming (3)

SEN Christopher Rothfuss- Michael Enzi

SEN Nick Carter- John Barrasso

10:00 PM ET 20 Electoral Votes

Iowa (7)

SEN Tom Harkin- Christopher Reed

Nevada (5)

NV-3 HOUSE Dina Titus- Jon Porter

Utah (5)

GOV Bob Springmeyer- Jon Huntsman

Montana (3)

SEN Max Baucus- Bob Kelleher

GOV Brian Schweitzer- Roy Brown

11:00 PM ET 81 Electoral Votes

California (55)

CA-11 HOUSE Jerry McNerney- Dean Andal

CA-50 HOUSE Nick Leibham- Brian Bilbray

Washington (11)

GOV Christine Gregoire- Dino Rossi

WA-8 HOUSE Darcy Burner- Dave Reichert

Oregon (7)

SEN Jeff Merkley- Gordon Smith

Hawaii (4)

PRES Obama- McCain

Idaho (4)

SEN Larry LaRocco- Jim Risch

ID-1 HOUSE Walter Minnick- Bill Sali

1:00 AM ET 3 Electoral Votes

Alaska (3)

SEN Mark Begich- Ted Stevens

AK-AL HOUSE Ethan Berkowitz- Don Young


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