Paul Calls $4M Haul 'Remarkable'

Republican tells ABC News he is pouring money into TV and radio ads.

ByABC News
February 19, 2009, 12:49 AM

Nov. 6, 2007 — -- The day after Ron Paul shattered fundraising records by raising $4.3 million in 24 hours -- $4 million of it online, more money online than any other Republican has ever raised -- the candidate told ABC News he was pleasantly surprised by the historic financial boost.

"To me it's pretty remarkable and pleasantly surprising," the Texas Republican told ABC News' Sam Donaldson and ABC News' Political Director David Chalian on "Politics Live" airing daily on ABC News' 24-hour digital network.

"Now we'll have the money to advertise in a major sort of way in South Carolina, in Nevada, as well to beef up our organization in Iowa," he said.

With minimal help from Paul's campaign, his supporters helped to raise the money through a Web site called a reference to the day the British commemorate the thwarted bombing of the Parliament by anti-Protestant rebel Guy Fawkes.

Many fans of Paul know of the day primarily because of the movie "V for Vendetta" in which a terrorist modeled after Fawkes battles a draconian government that has taken over Britain.

"It was a mystery and something I'm learning about," said Paul, who said he hasn't seen the movie.

"They just used this as a way to symbolize one individual trying to stand up to the abuses of the state. [Of] course the movie ended a lot better than did the history," Paul said, careful to note that the organizers of this fundraiser and his campaign advocate changing the government peacefully.

"Everybody that's coming together is sick and tired of big government and they don't trust the major parties and the leadership of the major parties right now," he said.