ABC News' '14 For 14': The 2014 Midterm Election Races That Matter

ABC News' "14 for 14" project will document 14 races that matter this year.

— -- intro: The 2014 elections are providing a valuable snapshot of a changing nation. With a colorful and ambitious cast of candidates, they offer a wild ride of colliding ambitions -- with control of the national agenda on the line.

Throughout the year, ABC News' "14 for 14" project will document 14 races that matter between now and November. It will be a dynamic list of the campaigns -- limited to 14 at any given time -- that individually and collectively provide the big picture of where the country stands, and where we are headed.

All 435 House seats will be filled this year. So will 36 Senate slots, and 36 governors are scheduled to be elected, too. The 500-plus big nationally significant races are fascinating in their smallest details, for the personalities and issues that animate individual elections more than the ultimate scoreboard results.

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein: Why We Chose These Races

Listed below are the slate of 14 races chosen by the ABC News Political Unit:

quicklist: 1title: Senate -- Kentucky

quicklist: 2title: Senate -- Arkansas

quicklist: 3title: Senate -- Georgia

quicklist: 4title: Senate -- Louisiana

quicklist: 5title: Senate -- New Hampshire

quicklist: 6title: Senate -- Iowa

quicklist: 7 title: Senate -- North Carolina

quicklist: 8title: Senate -- Kansas

quicklist: 9title: Governor -- Florida

quicklist: 10title: Governor -- Texas

quicklist: 11title: Governor -- Wisconsin

quicklist: 12title: House -- Colorado's 6th Congressional District

quicklist: 13title: House -- Arizona's 2nd Congressional District

quicklist: 14title: Land Commissioner -- Texas