In Ad, Congressional Candidate Says He Will Help Build Trump’s Wall

One Congressional candidate is trying to align himself with the business mogul.

ByABC News
April 20, 2016, 4:51 PM

— -- Some Republicans may be worried that Donald Trump could hurt down ballot candidates in November if he's the GOP presidential nominee, but there’s at least one candidate trying to align himself with the real estate mogul.

In a new ad that will likely be called offensive by some, Mike Pape, who is running for Kentucky’s first congressional district, tries to portray himself as the candidate who can “help Trump build the wall."

This seems to be the first television ad for a congressional campaign that tries to align the candidate with Trump and his policies.

The ad shows three men dressed in fake mustaches and sporting accents trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. The men are wearing “Stop Donald Trump,” “Stop Ted Cruz,” and “Stop Mike Pape” T-shirts. They are cutting through a fence that has a fake "U.S. Border Do Not Cross” sign on it.

“Once we are through, we will stop Donald Trump,” one of the actors says. “Si, Ted Cruz too,” the other man says. The third leans over and says, “And Señor Mike Pape.”


“Mike Pape, Mike Pape, the conservative running for Congress that will help Trump build the wall,” the actor wearing the “Stop Mike Pape” T-shirt says.

"Will this Mike Pape help Ted Cruz repeal Obamacare?”

“Si, we must stop Mike Pape. Vamonos!”

Pape approves the message at the end, adding, “No one will stop me from standing up for you.”

Pape is running in the Kentucky Republican primary on May 17 to fill the retiring Rep. Ed Whitfield’s seat. Pape is Whitfield’s longtime district director.