Alec Baldwin Makes His 'Donald Trump' Debut on 'SNL'

The actor spoofed the GOP presidential candidate during its season premiere.

ByABC News
October 2, 2016, 4:22 AM

— -- Alec Baldwin made his debut impersonating Donald Trump -- orange spray-tan, wispy blonde hair, pouty lips and all -- during the 42nd season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" last night.

He was joined by "SNL" regular Kate McKinnon, who resumed her role as Hillary Clinton.

The show opened with a spoof of last week's presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

McKinnon, donning a Clinton-esque pantsuit, hobbled on stage coughing and holding a cane -- a nod to the Democratic presidential candidate's recent bout with pneumonia. She then tosses aside the cane and proceeds to do a somersault and announces, "I'm better than ever, let's do this!"

Trump took to the "debate" stage, saying, "Good evening, America. I am going to be so good tonight. I am going to be so calm. I am going to be so presidential."

The sketch made several references to the actual debate: For example, in a nod to Trump's claim that his microphone wasn't working properly, Baldwin says, "my microphone is broken ... she broke it with Obama ... They took my microphone to Kenya and they broke it and now it's broken."

And similar to how Clinton kept quiet during the debate while Trump either attacked her or spoke at length about a topic she was clearly at odds with, McKinnon's Clinton smiled and said confidently, "I think I'm going to be president."

McKinnon also imitated Clinton's trademark debate move: The shimmy.

Baldwin also took a cue from Trump's seemingly argumentative demeanor, interrupting McKinnon, with "Wrong! Wrong! Shut Up!" several times.

During one point in the "debate," McKinnon's Clinton starts to tear up. "I'm sorry, Lester," she says, addressing "SNL" cast member Michael Che, who played debate moderator Lester Holt. "This is going so well. It's going exactly as I've always dreamed."

As the sketch came to a close, "Clinton" kicked off her closing statement: "I get it: You hate me. You hate my voice and you hate my face. But if you never want to see my face again, elect me president and I swear to God I will lock myself in the Oval Office and not come out for four years."

NBC announced last week that Baldwin will play the Republican presidential candidate for the remainder of the race.

Later in the show, in a sketch that spoofed "Family Feud," guest host Margot Robbie played Trump's daughter, Ivanka, while Larry David resurrected his role as Clinton's former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders.

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