Alec Baldwin reprises Trump 'SNL' role, spoofs Phoenix rally

PHOTO: Alec Baldwin impersonates President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Summer Edition" on August 24, 2017.PlayInstagram/Saturday Night Live
WATCH Alec Baldwin confirms he will continue playing Donald Trump on 'SNL'

Alec Baldwin reprised his impersonation of President Donald Trump Thursday for the final episode of "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Summer Edition."

The cold open, set at Trump's rally in Phoenix earlier this week, poked fun at White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon's controversial departure, as well as the curious moment this week when Trump appeared to look directly at the total solar eclipse.

"One person who has done so much for us is Steve Bannon, and I wanted to give him a proper goodbye," says Baldwin's Trump.

Then, as has been the case in previous episodes, the Grim Reaper appears. "Steve you look great," says the commander in chief impersonator. "Sorry to see you go."

"You've only made me more powerful," says the Grim Reaper.

Baldwin's Trump tells the audience, "Steve is going onto Breitbart where he'll be fighting the good fight against globalist cucks like my son-in-law Jared. Steve, I love you."

"I am going to crush you," says the Grim Reaper.

In a nod to this week's total solar eclipse, Baldwin's Trump says, "Wow, how about that eclipse, folks, huh? Now a lot of people don't know this, but you can damage your eyes by looking into the eclipse. No one predicted this, they couldn't have. I figured it out all by myself. Let me take these glasses off and see what you people look like. Wow, everyone’s so white, so white here."