Former 'American Idol' Star Clay Aiken Endures Jabs in Political Debate

The "American Idol" runner-up is trying to avoid another second-place finish.

Aiken and Ellmers traded barbs Monday in their only head-to-head debate, with both accusing the other’s party for the dysfunction in Washington.

“This Obama-Aiken economy is just killing us,” Ellmers said.

“You might need to get a new writer because calling it the Obama-Aiken economy is just preposterous,” Aiken responded.

Ellmers also took a jab at Aiken’s celebrity status.

“It's almost as if as an entertainer, you believe that you can just go in with a song and dance and change the mind of the military leaders,” she said.

“The most embarrassing reality show in the country right now is Congress,” he said.