Arming teachers 'an oversimplification,' education secretary says

Sec. Devos pledged the administration will listen and act on school safety.

"It was, as I said, a sobering and inspiring moment," DeVos told reporters after her visit to campus. The students "have a lot of very important and worthwhile things to say."

DeVos — who just weeks ago suggested states have "the option and the opportunity" to arm teachers — on Wednesday said "arming teachers is an oversimplification and a mischaracterization, really."

Any school personnel deputized to carry weapons would have "lots and lots of training," she noted. And while bearing arms could be an "option" for certain highly-trained school personnel, it's "certainly not one that needs to be required or mandated for every community," she added.

Federal lawmakers and state and local authorities should "continue pushing forward" on safety measures that have broad support, DeVos said.

Some students pushed back.

Emma Gonzalez, the Stoneman Douglas senior who made a passionate plea for gun control laws at a Florida rally following the shooting, lashed out upon hearing the news of DeVos' visit:

Other students urged DeVos to act.