Author says Trump lies all the time, but still a great president: 'Powerhouse Politics'

Author Ronald Kessler says he got access to President Trump.

“It’s part of his shtick, and we’re going to be stuck with it,” continued Kessler.

You can listen to “Powerhouse Politics” here.

But while Kessler said he wishes his longtime friend – who he says cooperated with the book – would hew more closely to the truth, he doubts it will hinder Trump’s achievements.

Kessler also alleges that the president himself regularly leaks information to reporters, in an effort to keep people guessing about the sources of leaks.

“When you leak on yourself it doesn’t set a good example,” Kessler said.

“Everyone likes her. She’s beautiful. She certainly is a big supporter of Trump. But I would question her judgment because, first of all, she decided to cooperate on the Wolff book. Meanwhile, I was trying to get cooperation, and she wouldn’t cooperate with me. And I’m someone who’s known Trump for two decades.”