Bernie Sanders: American People See Hillary Clinton as 'Lesser of Two Evils'

"I don't want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils."

"If you look at the favorability ratings of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of them have very, very high unfavorables," Sanders added.

A NY Times/CBS poll this week found that nationwide voters have a more negative than positive opinion of both Donald Trump and Clinton. (Trump had a 55 percent unfavorable rating, and Clinton had a 52 percent unfavorable rating, according to the poll.) By comparison, only 34 percent of participants in the poll had an unfavorable view of Sanders, and 41 percent had a favorable view of him. However, a significant number, 26 percent, said they were undecided about the senator.

Sanders has long argued that although he is losing the primary fight to Clinton, party elites should consider how well he does with independents as one of the reasons he is better equipped to take on Trump in November.