Bernie Sanders Campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Blasts Trump as 'Pathological Liar'

Sanders bashed Trump at event in Lebanon, NH.

"No candidate is perfect," Sanders told the crowd of about 400 people, but he said, “We have to ask ourselves a very simple question – what are the issues and what are the positions of the candidates on those issues."

"If you look at the campaign on that basis, the answer is 100 percent clear ... Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate hands down,” he said.

Of Trump, Sanders said, “The essence of his campaign is bigotry."

"The truth is, if you look at Donald Trump’s record, what you find is this guy is a pathological liar," Sanders said. "I’m not talking about a little lie there, or stretching the truth there. I am talking about him coming up with things in his head that do not exist. There are psychological definitions there.”

Trump has previously said he is the "least racist" person.