Bill Clinton Would Be 'in Charge of Revitalizing the Economy,' Hillary Clinton Says

She's become more specific about how she sees his potential role.

"My husband, who I'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, 'cause you know he knows how to do it," Clinton told the crowd at an outdoor organizing rally. "And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out."

Clinton made similar remarks earlier this month during her first visit to Kentucky, a state where Bill Clinton remains popular among the largely white, working class voters.

"I've told my husband he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this because you know he’s got more ideas a minute than anybody I know," she said, while talking about manufacturing and jobs.

Over the course of the campaign, Clinton has repeatedly said she would seek her husband's advice if she takes office.

Last month on ABC's "The View," she had this to say when asked about how she sees his role: "I think he'll — I hope he'll have a lot of involvement in starting the economy to really take off."