Bill Clinton's Comeback to the Campaign Trail

President Bill Clinton officially hit the campaign trail today

ByABC News
January 4, 2016, 9:36 PM

— -- President Bill Clinton officially hit the campaign trail today, working two events in New Hampshire. His focus today was on broad-based prosperity, something he talks about a lot when pushing his beloved Clinton Foundation. He was also focused on how in his view, his wife Hillary Clinton, is best suited for the nation’s top job.

He opened his Exeter, New Hampshire speech with a soft nod on his assumed role in the White House if Hillary Clinton was elected.

Hillary Clinton has thrown out the possible terms “first mate” and “first dude” in prior interviews, but the president himself has yet to comment.

"People, I get nervous,” said President Clinton. “People say, if Hillary wins the election, what do you want to get called? Nobody voted yet. I'm superstitious." He garnered many laughs from the audience.

In his attempt to tell voters that Hillary Clinton is the best person for the White House, he gave colorful details about his affection for his wife. “She’s still the same girl I fell in love with in law school," he said.

At one point, getting very passionate, banging the podium saying: “We can do this! There is no country in a better position than the United States.”

His speech though quickly took a more serious tone, addressing the surge of the Black Lives Matter movement for the first time in public, “I see all these movements. I think what they are saying is important,” said Clinton. “I like all those young people and Black Lives Matter.”

He also took some subtle jabs at republican presidential candidates today. “When there is discrimination against African-Americans or Hispanics or Muslims, just because of who they are, I don’t like that,” said Clinton. “But we never can forget that what we have to do is unite the police and the community, unite business and labor, unite this country."

Bill Clinton has a solid base in New Hampshire and a slew of support where Hillary Clinton has her toughest fight with Senator Bernie Sanders. President Clinton lost the Granite State in his first go-around in 1992 when he was dealing with bubbling sexual indiscretion allegations, but he still managed to finish that year’s New Hampshire primary in a respectable second place. He coined himself, “the comeback kid” and from there went on to dominate the race, eventually leading to a presidential win.

The former president will continue campaigning for Hillary. His next stop will be Thursday in Iowa.