British Ambassador on Brexit: 'We're Not Going to Disappear From the World Stage'

"We will still be important players and America's closest ally," he said.

"There's going to be a period of uncertainty while we work out this new relationship with Europe," Darroch said on "This Week." "But we are a strong country, a stable country. We will work it out in our usual pragmatic way. We will come through this and we will end up as important a player on the international scene as we have been."

He also gave assurances that “the special relationship” between the United States and England “will endure and will be as strong as ever."

"The prime minister made it clear throughout that this was a once-in-a-generation vote and the result was final,” Darroch said. “The task for us now is to pull together and work out the new relationship with Europe."

"I'm sad that he's resigning," Darroch said. “I understand why he has chosen to go in these circumstances."