Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Sees 'Possibility' of Donald Trump's Appearing at Convention Tonight

Donald Trump could show up for Pence's speech, Paul Manafort says.

“There’s a possibility you’ll see him tonight after Governor Pence’s speech,” Paul Manafort told reporters during a press briefing in Cleveland on day three of the convention.

He addressed delegates on the second night remotely from New York City, shortly after the roll call vote.

Trump’s consecutive appearances could be part of an effort to galvanize a Republican National Convention with the unity and energy some observers say it has so far lacked. Still, this is Pence’s big night; the Indiana governor is the headline speaker.

“The most significant thing tonight for purposes of the general election is the introduction of Mike Pence to the American people as the nominee,” Manafort said. “We feel he helps us to accelerate the unification of the party in a real meaningful way.”

Trump has admitted that one of the main reasons he chose Pence as his running mate is “party unity.”

“I have to be honest. So many people have said ‘party unity,’ because I’m an outsider,” Trump said July 16 while officially introducing Pence.

Pence made a surprise appearance at a luncheon hosted by the American Conservative Union in downtown Cleveland Tuesday and delivered an impromptu call for party unity.

"The primaries are over. It's time for us to come together around this good man," Pence said.

Unifying the party in support of a Trump presidency is something some observers say Pence must tackle once and for all during his address to the Republican National Convention tonight.