Campaign Chief John Podesta Asked Hillary Clinton to Call 'Needy Latinos,' According to WikiLeaks Email

The subject line of the purported email reads, “Needy Latinos and 1 easy call.”

The Clinton camp and Podesta declined comment. Richardson did not immediately comment.

The message is one of nearly 2,000 dumped today and more than 7,000 released in total by the anti-secrecy website. So far, the Clinton campaign has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the emails or commented on specific messages.

The email seems to show that Hillary Clinton’s life has become micromanaged. “Ask him how he's been doing; ask about his views on the race and what she should be doing in Colorado; ask that he consider publicly supporting you,” Podesta writes about calling Pena.

In a statement released on Thursday, Richardson said he “strongly” supports Clinton.

“I do not care about any characterization of me made in an email. I have worked with John Podesta for many years and am neither concerned nor unhappy about this email repartee,” he said. “I fully respect John and recognize the difficult job he has. I say this as someone who is neither seeking nor expecting any appointment or role in a Clinton White House, as evidenced by the emails.”

“The Russians orchestrated this hack,” she said. “We believe, as noted by the director of national intelligence, that they’re also behind the timing and manner of the leaks, and we’re not going to do any more to comment or aid their efforts.”

ABC News’ Ryan Struyk, Adam Kelsey and Liz Kreutz contributed to this report.