Carly Fiorina Dismisses Her Past Attacks on Ted Cruz: 'Sometimes Players Foul Each Other'

Fiorina was announced as Cruz's vice president pick today.

“We are in the Hoosier State, right?” she told ABC News’ David Wright during an interview in Indiana. “In a heated basketball game sometimes players foul each other.”

“This is a man I’ve gotten to know,” Fiorina said. “This is also a man I [would] have voted for long before I ever had a conversation with him about endorsing him.”

“He says one thing in Manhattan, another in Iowa, whatever he needs to say to get elected and do as he pleases,” Fiorina said on CNN in January.

“So, here’s one more thing that’s not like other election cycles,” Fiorina said.

She predicted the Texas senator will do “real well” in Indiana, which votes on May 3, and then attacked Trump.