Carson Leads in Popularity Overall; Even With Trump Within the GOP (POLL)

Ben Carson trumps The Donald in terms of basic popularity among all Americans.

Strongly negative views of Trump jump to 46 percent among all Americans in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. The comparative numbers for his competitors are much lower -- Bush, seen strongly negatively by 28 percent; Cruz, 21 percent; Carson, 15 percent and Rubio, 14 percent. Notably, sizable numbers of Americans haven’t yet formed an opinion of three of these candidates – Cruz, 23 percent; Rubio, 22 percent, and even Carson. At this point 18 percent have no opinion of Carson. That slides to 9 percent for Bush and just 3 percent for Trump. Not much movement is apparent: Carson’s positive rating is up by 5 percentage points among all Americans since late September, but his negative score has advanced by the same amount. Trump’s overall favorability hasn’t budged since midsummer. Bush’s ratings are basically the same as in late August. Cruz, compared with last spring, is +9 in favorability but +6 in unfavorable ratings. Rubio’s measurement is the first in an ABC/Post poll this cycle.


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