In Case You Missed It, Obama Made History Today: Calls Only on Female Reporters

At news conference, president only took questions only from women.

— -- Mark this down as a historic day in White House history.

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Former ABC News correspondent Ann Compton, the first woman to report on the White House full time for a network and who covered the beat for 40 years, said that never before has a president only taken questions from women during a solo press conference.

Today, Obama took questions from eight reporters, all women from print or radio outlets. He fielded no questions from male reporters and none from the television networks.

The women-only question session triggered a flood of reactions on social media from members of the White House press corps and around journalism.

After brief opening remarks, the president took out a list of people to call on.

“[White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest] has given me the 'Who's been naughty, and who's been nice' list,” he joked.

Guess we know where the male reporters stand on that list.