Chelsea Clinton Says She'll Stay With Family's Foundation if Her Mother Is Elected

The former first daughter defended the work of the Clinton Foundation.

"For now, I'll certainly stay on the board," Chelsea Clinton said in an interview on ABC's "The View."

Chelsea Clinton said that in the wake of her father's absence, she wants to ensure that the work of the foundation and their employees are stewarded beyond the election.

"We have a responsibility to the millions of people who are benefiting from our work and we have a responsibility to our employees to make sure that they have jobs in the future," said Chelsea Clinton.

"Once we get through that transition period, we'll see what the right answer is for the foundation and for me," she added.

Chelsea Clinton did not address whether she would continue to work on fundraising for the organization.

She has held a seat on the board of the foundation -- the full name of which has been the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation since 2013 -- for the last five years.