How Chris Christie Is Using Adele to Respond to Marco Rubio's Attacks

Super PAC supporting Rubio’s presidential bid released two attack ads.

ByABC News
January 7, 2016, 10:52 AM

— -- Chris Christie is bringing Adele into the center of his political fight with Marco Rubio.

After the super PAC supporting Rubio’s presidential bid this week released two attack ads questioning the New Jersey governor’s conservative credentials, Christie on tweeted a response video today set to the tune of Adele's song "Hello."

The video highlights Rubio's recent turn to attacking Christie, juxtaposing the change with words of praise Rubio has formerly poured on Christie.

Christie continued on with his Adele-fueled retort with a second tweet borrowing lyrics from Adele’s hit song.

Earlier in the week, the super PAC supporting Marco Rubio released two TV ads attacking Christie’s conservative bona fides. Though election financing rules bar Rubio’s campaign from coordinating with the super PAC, Rubio all but endorsed the ads, saying that they were factually accurate.

Christie quickly punched back, calling Rubio out for hypocrisy in turning to attacks against him after he knocked Jeb Bush for attacking him during a debate, and suggesting Rubio's attacks are a product of his relative youth and inexperience.

“Obviously now the same person who was talking to Jeb is talking to Marco and Marco is listening to the same person Jeb was, but that’s what happens when you’re young and inexperienced,” he said. “What goes around comes around, when you start throwing stones people going to ask, was that just an act?"