Chris Christie Turns to Media-Bashing at CPAC Gathering

The N.J. governor also tells CPAC not to count him out in 2016.

As the governor of New Jersey, Christie told her he has reporters from The New York Times covering him every day and accused journalists of taking sides on issues he has stood up against.

"When you do things like I've done in New Jersey, take on a lot of these special interests that they support they just want to kill you and that's what they tried to do to me every day and here's the bad news for them, here I am and I'm still standing," Christie, 52, said.

The governor added he will "continue to do what matters more," which is "knowing how to fight for the people for my state and I don't care what they write about me in the New York Times. I don't subscribe, by the way," getting cheers from the audience.

As for his famously tough-talking style, Ingraham asked him today about negative words used to describe him, including "explosive" and a "hot head" and whether that temperament works for the president of the United States. Christie answered "the word they missed is passionate."

Ingraham countered by asking whether "sit down and shut up" is really necessary, referring to Christie's famous line he used after being heckled by an activist in October.

Christie didn't hesitate: "Sometimes people need to be told to sit down and shut up."

He then said the same sentiment should be directed at the Obama Administration.

"I'll take my chances on me I've done pretty well so far," he said.

He said his priest answered, "Chris, you have to give up something you'll actually miss."

ABC News' Stacy Chen and Greg Hughes contributed to this report.