Chuck Schumer Says Donald Trump's Victory Is 'Not a Mandate'

Schumer says Democrats led in the popular vote.

For the first time in a decade, Republicans control the White House and hold a majority in both chambers of Congress, handing them broad power to enact their agenda as long as their party's members stick together.

"Once you lose an election like that, you look it straight in the eye. You don't flinch. You don't blink and you try to examine what you did wrong," he said. "We did not have a strong, bold economic message. We sort of nibbled around the edges -- and not just a message but a platform."

"For the Supreme Court, you need a mainstream nominee," he said. "I hope that President Trump, when he becomes president, will nominate someone who might garner bipartisan support, who might be in that mainstream. If the opponent is way out of the mainstream, I think we’ll oppose that person tooth and nail."