Clinton Campaign Out With Video Hitting Trump on Comments About Women

The ad contains snippets of Trump making controversial comments about women.

— -- The Clinton campaign continues their strategy of attempting to use Donald Trump's words against him. Today, the campaign begins airing atelevision ad in seven battleground states and on cable.

According to Hillary Clinton's team, the intention of the ad is to show the effect "Trump's hateful rhetoric towards women is having on our daughters."

The ad cuts between images of young girls staring into the mirror overlapped with video of Trump's comments about women.

"I'd look at her right in that fat ugly face of hers - she's a slob - she ate like a pig," said Trump during what appears to be an interview.

That comment is followed by the Republican nominee, at a different time, saying "a person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10."

When the ad wraps, text appears on the screen reading "is this the kind of president we want for our daughters?"

The video begins with an image of Hillary Clinton hugging a young girl she met in Keota, Iowa during the primary who told Clinton she was bullied because she has asthma.

Hillary For America says this ad shows how Trump stands in contrast to Clinton's career "fighting for and uplifting women and girls," something they say she'll continue to do if elected president.