Clinton on Debates: 'I Don't Know Which Donald Trump Will Show Up'

Clinton asked donors for advice on how to face Trump today in New York.

“I want any of your thoughts or ideas about how I should debate Donald Trump, just to name one thing. Seventy-one days left in the campaign," said the former secretary of state.

The first of three debates is Sept. 26, and both campaigns are aware of how many people will be watching and how performances will influence the decisions of voters.

“Somebody said to me, 'Remember, there will be about 100 million people watching and 60 million will be paying attention to the campaign for the first time. So don’t assume they have followed anything. They may vaguely have some information about Trump said this or Clinton said that or whatever. But there will be a lot of new impressions to be made that night,'" Clinton told the high-dollar event.

In another sign the Clinton campaign is taking its preparations seriously, Press Secretary Brian Fallon tweeted this over the weekend:

Clinton questioned in East Hampton today whether Trump will "try to convey a gravity that he hasn’t done before or will he come in and try to insult" -- admitting that she has to be prepared for anything.

"This is the most unpredictable electoral season that I certainly can remember," said Clinton.