Clinton Frames First General Election Ad as 'Choice About Who We Are as a Nation'

Clinton asks: "Do we respect each other?"

— -- Hillary Clinton has released her first general election campaign ad, just days after becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In the ad, Clinton frames the election against Donald Trump as "a choice about who we are as a nation" attempting to use the presumptive Republican nominee's words against him, including when he mocked New York Times journalist Serge Kovaleski, who has a physical disability.

"Do we respect each other?" Clinton asks, narrating the minute-long ad.

“You gotta see this guy…ahh…I don’t know what I said…ahh…I don’t remember," says Trump in a clip from a November speech.

The ad, which will start airing this week, shares Clinton's message of "stronger together." It contrasts images of Clinton meeting with voters saying "it's wrong to pit people against each other" with three clips of Trump at his campaign rallies speaking to his supporters.

Trump has not launched a general election ad yet, but he is expected to deliver a speech on Monday in New Hampshire ramping up his line of attack against Clinton.

At the end of the spot, Clinton asks "What kind of America do we want to be? Dangerously divided…or strong and united?"

A Clinton aide tells ABC News that this ad will be consistent with Clinton's campaign speech on Monday in Cleveland, Ohio.