Clinton Says 'Make America Whole' After Super Tuesday Victories

Clinton thanked supporters in Miami Tuesday night.

Clinton is projected to win the Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia Democratic primaries. She won the Democratic caucus in American Samoa, according to the Democratic Party there.

Clinton congratulated her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, who was projected to win Oklahoma and Vermont “on his strong showing and campaigning.”

As Clinton talked of the future of her campaign, she also acknowledged the future possibility of a run against Donald Trump, speaking out against the GOP frontrunner.

“This country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top,” she told supporters. “Not just to people who look one way, worship one way, or even think one way.”

As she did earlier in the week, Clinton again took a not-so-subtle dig at Trump’s “Make America Great” slogan.

“We know we've got work to do. But that work, that work is not to make America great again. America never stopped being great,” she told the fired up crowd. “We have to make America whole. We have to fill in, fill in what's been hollowed out.”

Clinton spoke about the need for opportunity, empowerment, and the defense of “all our rights,” saying these priorities begin with President Obama’s nomination of a “strong, progressive justice to the Supreme Court.” She also reiterated her call for more “love and kindness" in America.

"If we all do our part, we can restore our common faith in our common future. That's the spirit powering this campaign,” she said, referring to an Arkansas janitor who cut back on groceries in order to donate $1,000 to her campaign as an example of the kind of unity she wants.

“We have come too far to stop now. We've got to keep going. Keep working. Keep breaking down those barriers,” she continued in her closing message. “Imagine what we can build together when each and every American has the chance to live up to his or her own god-given potential.”

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