Clinton Warns Against 'Letting Obama's Legacy Fall Into Trump's Hands'

Clinton spoke at the NAACP's annual dinner in Detroit on Sunday.

ByABC News
May 1, 2016, 11:06 PM

DETROIT -- Hillary Clinton praised President Obama and warned that a Donald Trump presidency would damage his legacy Sunday during remarks at a large NAACP dinner in Detroit.

"We cannot let Barack Obama's legacy fall into Donald Trump's hands," the Democratic presidential candidate told the audience of roughly 6,000 people at the NAACP's Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner, which is known as the "largest plated dinner in the country.

"We can't let all the hard work and progress we've achieved over the last seven and a half years be torn away. We have to move forward together. We have to bring our country together," she said. "We have to keep working toward the more perfect union."

During her fiery remarks, where she railed against Trump for "stoking hatred and inciting violence," Clinton reminded the audience that the Republican frontrunner "is the man who led the insidious birther movement" against Obama back in 2008.

She then praised the president, who she described as "strong" and "thoughtful," and gave a shoutout to Michelle Obama.

"They have made us proud," Clinton remarked to the largely pro-Obama crowd.

Clinton has been noticeably pivoting to the general election since her win in Pennsylvania and other states on Tuesday. Tonight, she escalated her attacks against her likely future opponent as she called for mobilizing against him and for creating a world where "love trumps hate."

"I went to 112 countries as your secretary of state," she said. "There is no place like America. Let's not endanger the promise, the potential, the dream of our country by giving in to these voices of hatred."

Closing out her remarks, she made a call to action: "Let's make sure love trumps hate once and for all."