Coming Up on 'This Week': Gov. Rick Perry and Stephen Colbert

Rick Perry on his attacks on Mitt Romney, plus Stephen Colbert on super PACs

ByABC News
January 13, 2012, 6:24 PM

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2012— -- This week, Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney is moving through South Carolina after a big win in New Hampshire. But will attacks by his Republican rivals about Romney's time at Bain Capital help their campaigns at the expense of their party?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has called Romney a "vulture capitalist" repeatedly on the campaign trail this week. But the salvo may have backfired, as prominent conservatives rally in defense of Romney's business background – costing Perry support he can't afford to lose.

This Sunday morning, "This Week" anchor George Stephanopoulos asks Perry about his attacks on Romney and his campaign's strategy to try to survive beyond South Carolina.

Then, in a "This Week" exclusive, comedian Stephen Colbert is creating a stir with his latest effort to explore a presidential run in his home state of South Carolina. And he is shining a spotlight on the shadowy super PAC organizations playing a key role in the current election battle, as they flood the airwaves with negative political ads.

Colbert comes to "This Week" to explain his campaign stunt, and whether secretive super PACs are distorting the political process.

Plus, "This Week" powerhouse roundtable with ABC's George Will and Cokie Roberts, ABC News senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl, the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan, and New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman debate the class war being waged in the GOP.

Will Republican hits on Romney's brand of capitalism come back to hurt the party in the fall? And a new book about the Obamas has the First Lady pushing back against the image of her as an "angry black woman." That and all the week's politics, Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."