Congressman Darrell Issa Says Donald Trump Is 'Not the Voice,' But 'a Voice' of GOP

Issa went on to say that he looks forward to helping Trump become president.

ByABC News
May 13, 2016, 6:00 AM

— -- Congressman Darrell Issa emphasized on Thursday that the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is “not the voice,” but rather “a voice” of the party.

“His voice is the voice of the man we will put before the voters to be president of the United States,” the California congressman, who supports Trump, said in an interview on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast.

Issa argued that while Trump will control one branch of government, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be a “co-equal” voice.

“Paul Ryan is our speaker and I expect will be our speaker in the next Congress and he will be a co-equal voice,” Issa told ABC News’ Jon Karl and Rick Klein. “Holding the next president accountable is Paul Ryan’s job, it’s Darrell Issa’s job, it’s Nancy Pelosi’s job, we cannot just hand over anything to one person.”

Issa went on to say that he looks forward to helping Trump become president, but clarified they are not a “team.”

“Paul Ryan takes very seriously, as I do, the fact that we are a separate co-equal, and when Donald Trump is president, he will face some of the same pushback from time to time,” Issa said. “We’re not a team and we’re not a rubber stamp.”

The California congressman also said he expects that on the day the GOP party “comes together” and supports Trump, Speaker Ryan will also throw his support behind the real estate mogul.

“I’m confident that Speaker Ryan either will have, or will support the nominee with an endorsement,” he said.

He added: “Paul Ryan is going to be a unifier ... that will include the endorsement of Donald Trump, not later than the third day of the convention.”

Issa also weighed in on who Trump should select as his running mate, saying it’s important to pick somebody who covers your “political wing” and can “bring a state.”

John Kasich always comes up on that shortlist, because he can deliver Ohio, a swing state,” Issa said, adding, “I still believe Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush [could be potential candidates for vice president.]”