Congressman Slams President Obama for Attending Baseball Game in Cuba After Brussels Attacks

At a hearing about closing Guantanamo Bay, Rep. Salmon criticizes the president.

— -- A Republican congressman railed on President Obama for taking in a baseball game in Cuba Tuesday in the wake of the terror attacks in Belgium.

Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon lamented to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that Obama's appearance at the game was just hours after the attacks on the Brussels airport and metro system that killed at least 31 people. ISIS has taken responsibility for the bombings.

Salmon also said that Colombia’s FARC guerrilla group were in attendance at the baseball game.

Salmon stopped himself, and shaking his head he continued, “Well, I’m not going to go on that. I just think there are better things the public should be seeing.”

Congressman Salmon was one of many criticizing President Obama staying in Cuba after the attacks in Brussels.

He added, “It is very important for us not to respond with fear.”