Controversial Contested Elections of Years Past

This isn't the first time for complaints that the system is being manipulated.

— -- Talk of a “rigged” presidential election may have reached a fever pitch this year, but it’s hardly the first time.

There are at least three other elections where the results have actually been contested, meaning the winners and losers were not immediately clear.

The most recent and, arguably, memorable instance came in 2000 when the election results were contested for a month before the Supreme Court made the final decision.

There was another case in 1824 with an outcome that Andrew Jackson chocked up to "the corrupt bargain."

And, in a more recent example, there were allegations that dead voters in Texas were casting ballots from the grave, which is the kind of voter fraud that Donald Trump has said is prevalent today, without firm proof.

Learn more about the history of contested elections in the video above.