Ted Cruz Urges Voters to 'Not Give Into Evil' as Crucial Indiana Primary Approaches

The Texas senator trails Trump in Indiana, according to latest poll.

"I believe in the people of the Hoosier state. I believe that the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the American people, that we will not give into evil but we will remember who we are and we will stand for our values,” Cruz said at a rally in La Porte, Indiana.

"This entire political process has conspired to put the state of Indiana in the position to stand up and speak the voice of sanity,” Cruz said.

Indiana's primary follows two weeks of losses for Cruz in six states in the Northeast. Cruz has called Indiana more favorable terrain and urged Hoosiers to rely on their "Midwestern values" to choose him. As the primary ticks closer, Cruz has begun an hourly countdown to when voting begins.

"In 51 hours, it will be over. In 51 hours, this plague of politicians will leave the Hoosier state and in 51 hours, Indiana will have spoken to the country," Cruz said at a rally in Lafayette, Indiana, Sunday.

"It is an incredibly important state," Cruz said Sunday on ABC News' “This Week.”

"We are competing hard. I hope we do well here. I can tell you I'm barnstorming the state, we're in a bus with my family, we're doing everything we can to earn the votes of the men and women in this state. We're going the distance. We're competing the entire distance."