DC Can't Legalize Pot and Other Secrets of the 'Cromnibus'

A pay freeze for the Veep?

— -- intro: Congressional appropriators reached a deal on a $1.1 trillion spending measure to fund most of the government through September of 2015. But unless you read all 1,603 pages of the spending bill, you might miss some of the surprise items tucked deep inside the bill.

quicklist:3 title: Michelle Obama’s lunch standards take a hit text: First lady Michelle Obama has advocated for healthier school lunches, but the spending measure will allow some schools to be exempted from implementing the standards she’s pushed. Schools must now use 100 percent whole grain products, such as pastas or breads, in their lunches, but if schools are able to show that they have financial difficulty in obtaining 100 percent whole-grain products, they can be exempted from those standards. The spending measure also includes language that delays the implementation of sodium standards. Additional sodium standards are set to take effect by 2017, but the bill will prevent that from occurring until the “latest scientific research establishes the reduction is beneficial for children.”

quicklist:6title: No portraits for government officialstext: Professional portraits of government officials are pretty costly, with the Obama administration spending almost $400,000 on oil portraits during a two-year period, but the new cromnibus measure wants to make sure taxpayers aren’t being billed for that high-dollar amount any further. For the second year in a row, the government funding measure will prohibit the use of federal funds for these portraits.