Debaucherous Amsterdam Attractions That Could Have Tempted Secret Service Agents

PHOTO: A Secret Service agent ducks rotor wash as Marine One lands on the South Lawn of the White House, May 29, 2013, in Washington.
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Even three Secret Service agents weren't immune to the siren song of Amsterdam.

The trio were sent home from the notorious party city for excessive drinking hours before President Obama was to arrive in Amsterdam, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to ABC News.

Secret Service agents are prohibited from drinking any alcohol within 10 hours of reporting for duty and are also forbidden to patronize so-called "non-reputable establishments," according to the agency's policies.

Here's What Will Get a Secret Service Agent Sent Home

When it comes to experiencing Amsterdam, having a boozy night is only scratching the surface on the level of debauchery offered in the Dutch city.

Here's a look at some if the other adult activities that lure tourists to Amsterdam for an experience one simply can't get anywhere else.

PHOTO: Two grams of Silver Haze cannabis lays on menu in a coffee shop, Nov. 1, 2012, in Amsterdam.
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images
Coffee Shops

Amsterdam's famous coffee shops boast marijuana menus offering various strains of weed for smoking and consumption.

We're talking everything from hash and joints to edibles such as "space cakes."

Marijuana has been sold openly in the Netherlands for decades since possession of five grams or less was decriminalized.

It remains largely illegal in the United States, with the exception of some states, such as Colorado and Washington, that have began to sell it for recreational use.

PHOTO: Red Light District in Amsterdam.
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The Red Light District

There are two kinds of people who end up in the Red Light District: Lost tourists and people wanting to party.

A short walk away from the city's central station, the district is the unofficial ground zero for partying and is a bastion for tourists seeking to pay for sex.

PHOTO: A German prostitute, called Eve, waits for clients behind her window in the red light district of Amsterdam, Dec. 8, 2008.
Anoek de Groot/AFP/Getty Images

Speaking of sex, prostitution is a legal profession in Amsterdam. In order to legally operate, sex workers must have work permits and are protected by the country's labor laws.

Forget the seedy solicitation of prostitutes you see on the news and in movies. In the Red Light District, interested johns can literally look at the women standing behind their windows and decide who they'd like to pay for sex.

PHOTO: Red Light District Amsterdam
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Live Sex Shows

Those who prefer watching instead of being part of the action can buy tickets to many of the sex shows being offered in the Red Light District.

It doesn't come cheap though. Some shows cost as much as $55 an hour, according to various travel websites.

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