Democratic Campaigns Spending Up to Four Times GOP Counterparts

The latest campaign finance filings tell all.

— -- The Democratic presidential campaigns have been outspending their Republican counterparts' campaigns, in some cases by four to one.

In February, the multiples were even higher. While Clinton spent three times what Trump spent in February, Sanders spent more than four times what Trump spent for the month. The Cruz campaign spent more than Trump’s that month, so Clinton’s campaign spending was nearly double and Sanders’ campaign spent more than double.

Sanders and Trump are the only presidential candidates who are not supported by Super PACs. Sanders campaign spent $40.9 million in February and $45.7 million in March. Trump spent nearly $9.5 million in February and $13.8 million in March.

The majority of Trump's campaign war chest comes from loans the real estate magnate has made to his own campaign, while Sanders has made the average $27 donations made to his campaign a staple of his stump speeches.

Clinton's overall campaign spending actually dropped from February to March, although there were 28 state contests in March versus only four in February.

In February, her campaign spent more than $31.5 million and in March they spent nearly $28.7 million.

Cruz was the highest-spending Republican campaign during that time period, spending nearly $17.5 million in February and more than $11.7 million in March.

In both months, Sanders' campaign spent about 10 times what Kasich's campaign spent.