Dennis Hastert Emerges From Seclusion at Wisconsin Property

Former speaker hid for 10 days amid fraud charges, sex abuse allegations.

Hastert left his Wisconsin property early Monday, driving with his wife in a black SUV on the four-hour journey to his Plano home where he did not slow down as he was met by reporters at the gate.

The sister of a second alleged sexual abuse victim told ABC News last week that her late brother, Steve Reinboldt, was also molested by Hastert while serving as the wrestling team’s student equipment manager.

Hastert has not responded to any of the allegations.

Monday a high-powered D.C. defense attorney, Thomas Green, confirmed to ABC News that he will be representing Hastert in court. Green declined to comment on the allegations against Hastert.

Federal officials said Hastert, once the third most powerful public official in the country, will not receive any special treatment when he arrives at the federal courthouse in downtown Chicago. He is expected to enter a plea and will likely be booked and fingerprinted after the hearing.