Don King Uses N-Word While Introducing Donald Trump

King was addressing Trump supporters in Ohio this morning.

ByABC News
September 21, 2016, 11:14 AM

— -- Boxing promoter Don King let the N-word slip while introducing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today at a campaign event in Ohio.

King spoke about the problems minorities face, using the term “Negro” in most of his remarks.

He began by saying, “I told Michael Jackson, I said, if you’re poor, you are a poor Negro — I would use the N-word — But if you are rich, you are a rich Negro. If you are intelligent, intellectual, you are an intellectual Negro.”

Then he said, “If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding n----- — I mean Negro — you are a dancing and sliding and gliding Negro. So dare not alienate, because you cannot assimilate.”

Some in the audience and seated behind King onstage laughed as he corrected himself.

King additionally made an impassioned appeal to white women during the speech, comparing their status in society to that of minorities.

“The white woman did not have the rights, and she still don’t have the rights. And people of color don’t have their rights,” said King. “Those are the left-outs.”

He asked that they support Trump and disregard reports that “pervert” him, saying, “Donald Trump says, no, we are going back to inclusiveness.”

King, who is traveling with Trump throughout the day to various campaign events, made the comments at the New Spirit Revival Center, a church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Shortly after taking the stage, Trump said, “There’s only one Don King. Only one.”

ABC’s John Santucci contributed to this report.

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