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Donald Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Berates 'Wishy-Washy' Republican Leaders

Kellyanne Conway made the comments on "GMA" this morning.

ByABC News
October 12, 2016, 7:20 AM

— -- Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway today denounced some top Republicans for being "very wishy-washy" in their support of the GOP presidential nominee, after House Speaker Paul Ryan said he will no longer defend or campaign for Trump.

"We want the support of anybody who's going to publicly endorse us. But enough of the pussyfooting around in terms of, you know, do you support us or do you not support us," Conway said today on ABC News' "Good Morning America." "Some of these leaders have been very wishy-washy."

Trump's support from his own party has wavered since a 2005 "Access Hollywood" videotape surfaced last week in which he can be heard making lewd comments about women. A number of Republican politicians have come out against him since the tape, first obtained by The Washington Post, was released Friday.

Ryan said he was not rescinding his endorsement of Trump but told fellow House Republicans in a conference call Monday that they should handle the candidate however they think it will most benefit their own races.

Trump has since embarked on a Twitter tirade, taking aim at the House speaker and other "disloyal" Republican leaders. Trump called Ryan a "weak and ineffective leader."

When asked this morning whether Trump would want Ryan to be speaker of the House of Representatives if he wins the presidential election, Conway said, "Well, that's up to the members of the Congress."

She defended Trump's attacks, saying his campaign has been "playing very nicely with members of the party."

"It's going to help him just take his message directly to the voters," Conway said on "GMA" this morning.

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