Donald Trump to Crash Iowa High School’s Homecoming Saturday

Students at the Urbandale High School are in for a Trump-filled night.

ByABC News
September 18, 2015, 5:19 PM

— -- He's going from real estate mogul to homecoming king.

Donald Trump is set to attend an Iowa high school’s homecoming this Saturday after students launched a social media campaign to snare him or one of the other presidential candidates, including asking Trump for a ride in his helicopter.

Students at Urbandale High School were encouraged by their teacher to try to convince presidential candidates to attend this year’s homecoming dance. The idea began as an extra credit challenge from AP Government teacher Anne La Pietra, and quickly became a social media campaign.

Students lobbied presidential candidates on Twitter to come to homecoming, using the hashtag #UHSPresiDance, beginning Sept. 4.

Students are in for a Trump-filled night, and La Pietra is very excited that her students “got the big guy to come.” The billionaire will arrive at the school Saturday night for a meet-and-greet. They will hear him give a speech, and then will head to the homecoming dance.

Trump is known for holding massive rallies -- he drew a crowd of 30,000 people in Alabama this August. But the homecoming is set to be decidedly smaller -- the school only has 1,174 students.

However, because Iowa is the first state to help choose the GOP nominee, candidates spend a lot of the time there.

It wasn't clear what Trump will speak about, but excitement is growing in the student body.

"It’s a combination of his celebrity factor and [his being] a controversial figure as a political candidate," said La Pietra.

Trump hinted that he would be coming to the school Wednesday night in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo immediately after the second debate. Trump was asked what he planned to do next.

“Well I’m getting on the plane -- we’ll go back to New York, and then I’m going up to New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon, and I’m going to Iowa. I’m going all over the place.” he said.

His campaign announced the next morning that Trump would attend the homecoming.