Donald Trump to Deliver Major Foreign Policy Speech

The GOP front-runner will speak in Washington, D.C., today.

On the heels of a five-state sweep of primaries on Tuesday night, Trump said in accepting his wins that he will talk about economic and security issues during his speech.

“Our military is totally depleted, we have to build it up,” Trump said as he was surrounded by family, friends and colleagues in New York. Trump added that the speech “will not be the Trump doctrine” and repeated as he’s said before that he will be “flexible” because "the world changes."

Sources tell ABC News the real estate mogul's campaign has brought on several policy experts to aide in the composition of today's remarks.

Trump, who has stayed away from scripted remarks, gave his first composed speech of the campaign last month also in Washington in front of the AIPAC coalition. That speech was composed with the help his son-in-law, publisher Jared Kushner.

Tonight, Trump will return to the campaign trail with an evening rally in Indiana. He will be campaigning out west Friday with an expected return to Indiana over the weekend, which holds its primary next Tuesday.