Donald Trump Dismantles Teleprompter at North Carolina Rally

"I like it much better without the teleprompter," he told the crowd.

ByABC News
October 14, 2016, 9:12 PM

— -- Donald Trump knocked one teleprompter over and later dismantled the other after they apparently broke at a rally tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"By the way, these teleprompters haven’t been working for the last 20 minutes and I actually like my speech better without teleprompters. And this way what I like about it -- " he told the crowd, breaking off as he knocked over the first teleprompter. "You know what, I like it better without the teleprompters. And I notice every time I look up, they're trying, it's trying, it's straining, it's straining.

"Hey get this thing out of here will you?" he continued. "Get it out. I like it much better without the teleprompter."

He later approached the other and began to take it apart.

Trump told the audience he wouldn’t pay the company for providing the machines.

"So the teleprompter is a bummer, it doesn’t work. That means the company doing the teleprompter is in the back, that means they didn’t do a good job, so I won’t pay them. I won’t pay them,” he said. “And tomorrow I’ll have a story in the newspaper, Donald Trump did not pay a contractor who put up the teleprompters. Well, why should I, they don't work?"

Trump also again denied all accusations of sexual misconduct, calling himself a "victim one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country."

"They are coming after me, to try and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country," he said. "These allegations are 100 percent false as everybody -- I think you know. I think you get it. I think you get it. They are made up. They never happened."

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