Donald Trump Expected to Sign GOP Pledge Today, Source Says

Front-runner Donald Trump apparently ready to sign a pledge of loyalty to GOP.

Trump has not yet directly told GOP leaders what he will do.

“Mr. Trump will make a decision today,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told ABC News this morning. “No word on what that will be as of yet.”

The RNC is now asking presidential candidates to sign a loyalty pledge, which, according to GOP sources, reads, “I affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for president of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is. I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.”

The pledge is designed to force Trump to rule out a third-party run, but this is a pledge to support the nominee “regardless of who it is.”

Assuming Trump signs, the next question would be whether all 16 other GOP candidates will sign a document that commits them to supporting Trump if he wins the GOP nomination.