Donald Trump Flip-Flops on Canada-Born Ted Cruz's Eligibility to Run

Trump had previously said "he's born in Canada; it's a problem."

That stands in stark contrast to what Trump said about Cruz in December, when he told ABC News that Cruz’s Canadian birth could prevent him from running.

But there seems to be no love lost between the two presidential contenders, with Trump also joking that there is a “little bit of a romance” between him and the junior Texas senator.

Cruz also embraced their partnership, telling ABC News he’s unabashed about the fact that Trump’s presence at any event benefits Cruz.

“Everywhere Donald goes, he brings a hundred television cameras with him,” Cruz said, blatantly acknowledging that he’s trying to win Trump’s supporters, as he is for every one of his GOP rivals.

“I don't believe Donald is going to be the nominee. We are running to win this nomination,” he said. “And I am hoping to win every one of Donald Trump's supporters.”