Donald Trump Can Only Imagine the Uproar if He Had Blamed Russia for Hacking

"It would be called conspiracy theory," he tweeted this morning.

"Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card. It would be called conspiracy theory!" he tweeted this morning.

He has suggested that Democrats are to blame for leaks to the media that U.S. intelligence officials think Russia used hacking to try to sway the presidential election for Trump.

"I think the Democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country," he said Sunday on Fox News.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump continued to express doubt about Russia's involvement. "Unless you catch 'hackers' in the act, it is very hard to determine who was doing the hacking," he wrote. "Why wasn't this brought up before election?"

Trump responded, "She has no idea whether it's Russia, China or anybody else," and he continued that claim Sunday.

U.S. intelligence has "no idea if it's Russia or China or somebody," he said in the Fox News interview. "It could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. I mean, they have no idea."

The Washington Post and The New York Times reported late Friday that the CIA presented evidence to some government officials that Russia used hacking in a bid to help Trump win.

"I think it's ridiculous," he said in the Fox News interview. "I think it's just another excuse" for Democrats about their loss.

President Barack Obama on Friday ordered a "full review" of Russian hacking related to the 2016 election and of any other election-related hacking, back to the 2008 election.