Donald Trump: Those With 'Even an Inclination Toward Terrorism' Shouldn’t Buy Guns

“I’d like to see that and I’d like to say it," Trump told ABC News.

Asked by Karl if his position is that those on the no-fly or terror watch list should not be able to purchase a gun, Trump responded, "I'd like to see that, and I'd like to say it. And it's simpler. It's just simpler."

The NRA responded with a tweet saying they are happy to meet with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and that their position is "no guns for terrorists—period. Due process & right to self-defense for law-abiding Americans.”

"Now, but what they say, and I understand that also, is the Second Amendment, they're depriving them of those rights. And that it could be that people are on there that shouldn't be on, you know, etc. etc.," Trump said.

“I’ll talk to them,” Trump added. “I understand exactly what they're saying. You know, a lot of people are on the list that that really maybe shouldn't be on the list and you know their rights are being taken away so I understand that.”

The NRA announced its endorsement of Trump in May at its leadership forum in Kentucky.