Donald Trump Says Mike Pence Won't Call Hillary Clinton Names

The pair sat down for their first interview as running mates.

"We're different people, I understand that," Trump said in a preview of a "60 Minutes" interview that the pair did together.

"He won't [call Clinton that name], I didn't ask him to do it but I don't think he should do it because its different for him," Trump said in the clip. The full interview will air Sunday night.

For his part, Pence chose not to directly comment on the tenor of Trump's campaign so far.

"I think this is a good man who's been talking about the issues the American people care about," Pence said in the clip.

Trump reportedly also revealed in the interview that part of the reason why he picked Pence as his running mate was in an effort to unify the party.

The revelation comes from Jeff Fager, the executive producer of CBS' "60 Minutes," where Trump and Pence gave their first sit-down interview as a presidential ticket. The interview will be aired in full Sunday night.