Donald Trump Promises to Continue Attacks on Clintons 'if They Release More Tapes'

The GOP nominee again called Bill Clinton "a predator."

In the midst of the uproar about his comments this weekend — a controversy that drew fire from a swath of GOP lawmakers — Trump levied charges against the Clintons, saying in a recorded statement Friday that "Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims."

At his rally Monday, Trump again made the claim, saying, "[Bill Clinton] was a predator. Hillary Clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of Bill Clinton's sexual harassment and assault. These things aren't written by the media, but they're true."

Paula Jones accused the former president of sexual harassment in a 1994 suit, but he settled the case and admitted no wrongdoing. Clinton's attorney called the claims "baseless."

Trump held a press conference before the debate with the three women as well as Kathy Shelton. As a public defender, Hillary Clinton represented the man Shelton accused of raping her when she was 12.

In 1998, Trump called Clinton's accusers "unattractive" and said the former president was a "victim."

"We brought four wonderful women to St. Louis … Honestly, it was both very beautiful and very sad," said Trump. "They've been trying to get their feelings out for so long, and the media wouldn't take it."

At his Monday rally Trump repeated a criticized pledge from the previous night's debate, saying that, as president, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton's handling of confidential materials as secretary of state.

He paused to allow the crowd to chant, "Lock her up," a common refrain at his rallies. "Very, very sad," he interjected. "Special prosecutor, here we come, right? If I win, we're going to appoint a special prosecutor."

Trump's comments at the town hall-style debate in St. Louis were not the first time he has made the promise, but it garnered a major amount of attention, given the high-profile stage.

"If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it, and we're going to have a special prosecutor," said Trump on Sunday.

The statement took a number of observers by surprise, with some commentators comparing the threat to one a dictator would make.

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