Donald Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Obama Supports ISIS

Trump tweets unsubstantiated story claiming Obama support for ISIS.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest Monday responded to a question about Trump's claims the same day. "Well, I think what is clear is, if you take a look at the president’s record, it speaks for itself,” Earnest said. “And that record includes a lot of dead terrorists."


Trump is no stranger to pushing conspiracy theories. He practically gave birth to the "birther" movement, which aimed to prove President Obama was not a U.S.-born citizen. That saga ended in dramatic fashion after the president produced his birth certificate to the public. Trump also has a history questioning Obama's Christian faith, once claiming that this birth certificate may list him a Muslim.

He has said repeatedly that Obama didn't have the grades to get into the Ivy league schools, suggesting he might not have attended Columbia and Harvard.