Donald Trump Resurfaces Attack Lines He Didn't Use in Debate

He has mentioned at least two topics he didn't bring up at Hofstra.

"I got everything I wanted to say. I got it out, other than the transgressions of Bill," Trump said after the debate of the former president's alleged infidelities.

"I didn’t want to do it with Chelsea [Clinton], who I think is a very wonderful young lady. I didn’t want to say what I was going to say with Chelsea in the room," he told ABC News of the Clintons' only child.

Trump added: "So, maybe they’re well off to bring Chelsea all the time."

Just as Trump raised the former president's past after leaving it off the debate stage, he doubled-back Wednesday to Hillary Clinton's recent health scare, which he also didn't mention Monday night.

But with an eye to the next debate in St. Louis on Oct. 9., Trump isn't only relying on his own instincts and advisers.

The Trump campaign sent out a fundraising email this morning that included a "debate preparation survey" asking recipients to give "your immediate feedback from the first debate in order to win the second one."

Despite such reflection, and what some have called missed debate opportunities, Trump denies the perception among many observers that he lost.

"I had a great time," Trump told Bill O'Reilly on his Fox News show Wednesday night. "I know you say the polls weren't scientific, but every single poll that was taken, I won the debate. And some of them by a lot."